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Waterbury Memorial Presbyterian Church Is A Congregation Of Caring People 


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1117 Utica Street, PO Box 747, Oriskany, NY 13424


Sunday Worship 9:55am





February 2nd  we will share in The Lord’s Supper.  The scheduled communion servers are Bobbi Masters and Mark McCumber.  During the worship service we will be ordaining Karen Fournier as an Elder and installing her and Karen Mesick as Ruling Elders to serve on the Session and as a Deacon, Mark McCumber to serve an additional 3-year term.  


The greeters for this month are Bobbi Masters and Carol Wallace for February 2nd; Walt Rosendale and a volunteer for the 9th; Dolores & Len Pugh for the 16th; Karen Fournier and Sharon Wolanin for the 23rd.


Liturgists for February:

2nd – Karen Stockton, 9th – Carol Wallace, 16th – Mark McCumber, 23rd – Greg Jenkins


Each Sunday we include in our prayer a church within the Presbytery or a ministry connected with the Presbytery.  The Prayer Calendar includes for February 2nd – Augusta-Vernon Center Presbyterian Church, Augusta; 9th – First Presbyterian Church, Boonville; 16th – The Presbyterian Homes & Services, New Hartford; 23rd – First Presbyterian Church, Cherry Valley


We meet for a Time of Prayer each Sunday at 9:30am in the church office before our worship service.  All are welcome to attend as we raise our voices together in prayer to God.


The five churches of the Collaborative Ministry: Utica First Presbyterian Church, Westminster Moriah Olivet, New Hartford Presbyterian, Whitesboro Church and Waterbury Church, will have a pulpit exchange on Sunday, February 23rd.  Rev. Mark S. Caruana, D.Min., Interim Pastor of Westminster Moriah Olivet, will be coming to Waterbury and Pastor Roger will be going to First Presbyterian Church.


Birthdays for February:            

2nd – Barb Traver                               

 7th  – Kathy Graziadei                                      

 8th  – Zachery Yates                          

11th  – Bill Bonville (Son)                                                

12th  – Nicole Yates                              

13th  – Lucille Claire Rolletta (4yrs)

17th – Pastor Roger

17th – Nicole Masters

22nd – Ken Stockton

26th – Betty Huff

27th – Jeanne Benson (92nd)


On Sunday, February 16th following worship, we will celebrate Pastor Roger’s birthday with a Pizza lunch. 

At the Annual Meeting on January 26th, Karen Fournier and Karen Mesick were elected as Ruling Elders to serve on the Session.  Mark McCumber was elected to serve as a Deacon.         

The Session Elders are Bill Bonville, Marcia Cavanaugh, Karen Fournier, Bobbi Masters, Karen Mesick and Len Pugh.

Deacons are Doris McCumber, Mark McCumber, Kathy Graziadei, Julie Thrasher, Barbara Traver and Jeanie Walters. 

Mission Giving 2020:

The 2nd Sunday of each month is designated for missions.  We will have a representative speaker come that day to help us better understand their work.  Special envelopes will be made available for this purpose.  The Session has approved an additional $90 each month be added to the congregational giving, as the church’s local Mission commitment.  You may donate to that particular mission any Sunday of that month.  This year’s Missions are:  January – New Hope Children’s Home, Arequipa, Peru; February – Rome Rescue Mission; March – Health Friends; April – Hall House; May – Your Neighbors, Inc.; June – Feed Our Vets; July – Hope House; August – Habitat for Humanity; September – Ziyara Shriners Transportation for Children’s Hospitals Fund; October – Utica First Presbyterian Church Community Thanksgiving Dinner; November – Waterbury Church Food Pantry/Emergency Fund; December – Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc.

Session Meeting January 13th Hilites by Marcia Cavanaugh, Clerk of Session

  • Financial and Treasurer reports were reviewed for December 2019 and approved.
  • Annual Financial Reports for 2019 were reviewed and approved.
  • Annual Statistical Report.  The Annual Statistical Report from the Presbytery of Utica is due 2/15/20.  This will be completed after the Annual Meeting.
  • 45 Received Communion on Christmas Eve.  The Wooden Communion Trays were used
  • 32 Received Communion (33 attended) on January 5th  
  • February Mission is Rome Rescue Mission on the 9th.  Matt Miller will be the speaker.
  • 2020 Missions – Feed Our Vets will replace Vanderkamp for our June Mission.  Shriners Hospital for Children Transportation will be our September Mission.
  • The 2020 Missions were reviewed and approved.
  • New Plexi Glass for Communion Table in place.
  • The session will meet with Rev. Jeanne Kumbalek, COM Chair and Larry Beasley, Presbytery Leader-Stated Clerk on Wednesday, January 22nd at 6pm in the Worden Room to discuss securing a replacement for Pastor Roger Williams in preparation for his retirement.  Pastor’s last Sunday will be November 22, 2020.
  • New Guest Book will be obtained for the vestibule.  
  • Approved the Girl Scouts to use downstairs on Saturday, January 25th at 2pm.  
  • Approved Lenten Lunch on Wednesday, March 4th at Whitesboro Church
  • Approved Easter Sunrise Service on April 12th.  
  • Approve breakfast served at Waterbury Memorial Presbyterian Church following the Sunrise Service.  Whitesboro Presbyterian Church congregation will be invited to join us.
  • Next Session meeting will be Monday, February 10th at 6pm in the Worden Room. 


The Devotional “Our Daily Bread” for March, April, May will available on the back table as soon as they are received.  It is provided at no cost to the church by Our Daily Bread Ministries.

Congratulations to Christina Graziadei who was admitted to the New York State Bar on January 23rd in Albany.  To her sister, Nicole Yates who completed her studies to become a Nurse Practitioner.  And to her brother, Carl who has been named a presidential scholar for the fall 2019 semester at Clarkson university.  He is majoring in aeronautical engineering.

Many thanks to Karen Fournier, Kathy Graziadei, Dolores Pugh and Julie Thrasher for their help in taking down all the Christmas decorations.  Also my appreciation to Len Pugh and Bob Thrasher for packing up the tree.  Thanks also to anyone who took all the totes downstairs.  Your help is truly appreciated.  Karen Mesick

Dear Friends, It was so heartwarming to receive your gift of $228.00 that allows us to provide quality, compassionate end-of-life care to family, friends, and co-workers in Oneida, Herkimer and Madison counties.  A patient’s daughter recently had the following to say about our services:  ‘Hospice gave my mother an opportunity for a quality life when she needed it the most.  My relationship with Hospice continues with bereavement counseling and a friendship that will remain until my last journey on this earth.’  Sincerely,  Laurie A. Barr, Community Support Services Supervisor, Hospice & Palliative Care (our December Mission)


Dear Friends, I send you greetings from all of us here at the Humane Society of Rome.  I would personally like to thank you for your donation of $80.00 given to the Humane Society of Rome in memory of Owen Fortnam.  We greatly appreciate your kindness and support.  We will utilize your donation in the best way possible to provide quality care and comfort for our many furry friends.  We provide shelter, food, and medical attention when needed on a year-round basis.  As you are aware, we are a not-for-profit organization.  As such, we rely a great deal upon the generosity and wonderful assistance of people like you who truly care tor the well-being and welfare of our many cats and dogs.  Again, thank you for supporting us.  Please be assured that you have made a difference by doing so.  We hope that you will continue to remember us in the future.  Sincerely yours, Lynn Rosen, President – Board of Directors

(Note:  During Advent the Sunday School asked for dimes to be saved and donated, to be sent to the Rome Humane Society, which was the mission for Vacation Bible School, in memory of Owen Fortnam who attended VBS.)


Dear Members, I want to “Thank You” for the lovely Poinsettia you sent to me for Christmas.  I really enjoyed it!  Thanks again,  Ann Smith, Eastern Star Home.


Pastor Roger is in the church office most Fridays from 2-4pm and other times by appointmen






Waterbury Memorial Presbyterian Church
1117 Utica Street
Oriskany, New York 13424