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Waterbury Memorial Presbyterian Church Is A Congregation Of Caring People 


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1117 Utica Street, PO Box 747, Oriskany, NY 13424


Sunday Worship 9:55am



In view of the retirement of Pastor Roger Williams in November 2020, the Waterbury Session met on several occasions to discuss our course of action.  A Congregation Survey was distributed to 34 members and friends of Waterbury.  The purpose of the survey was to assist in determining what the congregation expects and/or wants to be the future of Waterbury Presbyterian Church.  26 surveys were returned.  73% response rate, thank you! 

On Sept 14, the survey results were presented to the Session members for discussion.   At this time, Greg Jenkins applied for the position of Pastor and a cover letter and resume were presented to the Session.  It was decided to review the results of the survey and to contact Greg for an interview the following week. 

On Sept 22, the Session met again.  Greg began the interview by expressing some of his thoughts on what he would like to see in the future of Waterbury Church, followed by questions from Session members.  Greg’s plan is to make Waterbury more visible in the area, to involve families and youth and overall spread the glory of God. Among his many qualifications, from 1996 to 2013 he served in many volunteer positions at Conklin Presbyterian Church including Elder, Youth Choir Director, Sunday School Music Teacher, Youth Group Co-Leader and Choir member, among others. Currently, Greg is beginning his second year at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School for Christian Leadership (Lay Ministry).   For these reasons, we offered Greg the position of Pastor of Waterbury Church and he accepted the position for a 3-month trial contract to start.   Pending the approval of the Presbytery of Utica Committee on Ministry, he will begin services November 29, 2020.  We welcome Greg Jenkins with open hearts.


Marcia Cavanaugh

Clerk of Session

On World Communion Sunday October 4th we will be celebrating The Sacrament of the Lord Supper as will other churches around the world.  Again we will be using the prefilled communion cups with wafers (gluten free wafers will also be available.)  Please take a cup with you as you enter the sanctuary. World Communion Sunday (initially called World Wide Communion Sunday) originated in the Presbyterian Church (USA). In 1936, for the first time, the first Sunday in October was celebrated in Presbyterian churches in the United States and overseas. From the beginning, it was planned so that other denominations could make use of it.  After a few years, the idea was welcomed by the wider Christian community as an opportunity to move beyond historical and theological differences and worship together.  On this first Sunday of October, we celebrate our oneness – our communion – in Christ, in the midst of a world still in need of the reconciling unity of Christ. The Middle English roots of the word “communion” refer to having something in common and to bring in a relationship.  On this particular Sunday, it is a blessing to be intentionally aware of being “in communion,” that is, sharing Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior, whom we have “in common” with other Christians, congregations, and denominations around the world.  We enact the sharing of this special commonality by remembering The Lord’s Supper.


The Organ Dedication for the new electronic control system will be held on Sunday, October 25th at 11:30am following our regular worship service at 10am.  Our organist, Irina Popov will be providing special selections for the dedication.  Plan to attend to experience the sound quality of our pipe organ played by Irina.  Our thanks and appreciation to all who donated to the organ fund.  Memorial Fund donations were also used.


Mission Sunday is the Second Sunday of the month. Utica First Presbyterian Church Community Thanksgiving Dinner is October’s on the 11th.  The Dinner will be take-out only this year.  If you wish to contribute, please make your check payable to Waterbury Church.  Thank you.


Birthdays for October  

  5th – Mark McCumber

  7th – Rev. Gerald Scott

14th – Leslie Husted

18th – Donna Currie

20th – Isabella Smithling (Vacation Bible School)

23rd – Gail Milotte

27th – Rowland

30th – Jasmine Cole         

Anniversaries for October

  4th – Ken & Jill Mumpton

  5th – Mitch & Heidi Weimer (1st)

  7th – Ken & Karen Stockton


Shirley Danko has handcrafted a 100% acrylic Afghan with yarn donated by Marcia Cavanaugh.  It is on display in back of the sanctuary.  Your donation will help toward Vacation Bible School expenses.


If you know of anyone who will be willing to help with snow removal, please talk to Len Pugh.


There are bulletins available for Advent and Christmas.  If you wish to donate in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone, the donation is $10.   Your dedication will be acknowledged in the bulletin for that Sunday.  Please see Pastor Roger if you are interested.


The Vanderkamp Conference Center in Cleveland, NY has been closed and the property will be sold.  Many of you may have fond memories of attending summer Bible camp or using its facilities.  It was one of our missions last year. 


Sunday November 1st at 2am Daylight Saving time ends – so remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour before going to bed on October 31st.


Nancy Fay sent a note thanking the congregation for all the cards, good wishes and prayers.  She continues to have mobility concerns.


Waterbury Church Friends, Many thanks for the lovely bouquet of flowers delivered so kindly by Deacon Kathy Graziadei.  They are a stunning display of God’s handiwork and a beautiful reminder of the support and caring of our church family.  Sincerely, Jan Grunenwald


Dear Waterbury Memorial Presbyterian Church, I would like to thank you for your recent gift to Hope House (our July Mission).  Your gift of $225.00 dated August 25, 2020 will go a long way helping to provide, for all who come to Hope House, a hot meal and a warm safe place off the streets.  Your support allows us to meet our operating expenses so we can continue to provide quality services at Hope House.  You can be confident that your contribution will be used efficiently and effectively.  Hope is a powerful word to someone who is in despair.  While we cannot solve all the problems of our guests, Hope House is here serving hot meals in a warm, safe environment with a smile.  We help with referrals to other services; we listen when people need to talk; we provide a hug when there are no words to be said.  We cheer our guests successes and we pray for them when they have a setback because in the end, what happens at Hope House is about people.  Thanks to people like you and your financial support we can be there for those of our neighbors who are in the greatest need.  Sincerely, John P. Madej Executive Director


September 14th Session Hilites by Marcia Cavanaugh, Clerk of Session

  • The Financial Secretary and Treasurer’s reports for August were approved.
  • The 2021 Per Capita will remain at $41.14.
  • 24 received communion on Sept 6th using prefilled cups.  Pastor Roger was assisted by Elder Marcia Cavanaugh.
  • VBS Report by Karen Stockton was distributed at meeting.
  • Soil has been added against the basement wall to ensure runoff from the rain will drain away from the building.
  • The Girl Scouts will not be using the Church basement. Brittany Corey thanked us for allowing use of church.
  • Pastor Roger’s vacation will begin November 23, 2020, 5 weeks from last Sunday leading worship thru end of year – 2 weeks study leave not used.
  • Karen Mesick will look into getting the heater for the vestibule.
  • Greg Jenkins has returned to Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School for Christian Leadership (Lay Ministry).
  • The State has inspected our heating system.  Suggested that the 2nd water shut off on the boiler be removed to comply with State regulations.  The 2nd shut off was removed.
  • Snow removal.  We are looking for a reliable person to take care of the sidewalks and driveway for the upcoming Winter.
  • Survey.  23 received, 34 were distributed. (3 additional surveys were received after the deadline).   Results were compiled.   There was a Special Session Meeting following the regular session meeting to discuss going forward.
  • Christmas Eve Service.  Tabled at this time awaiting outcome of Covid.
  • Next Session Meeting will be held Monday, October 12th at 2pm.


Pastor Roger will be in the church office most Fridays from 2-4pm and other times by appointment.




Waterbury Memorial Presbyterian Church
1117 Utica Street
Oriskany, New York 13424