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Waterbury Memorial Presbyterian Church Is A Congregation Of Caring People 


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Whatís in it for me?

The benefits of Going to Church

 If you havenít been to church in awhile, you might be surprised to learn how much you can gain by making a Sunday visit. Yes, you can get closer to God and yes, youíll be reminded of all the good things God teaches about how to live your life and how to treat others. But there are real benefits to you too.

 Letís face it, you work a full week and the kids always have something going on. Sunday morning is the only chance you have to sleep in. Besides, youíve heard all that religious stuff before and it gets boring.

 Maybe itís time to look at the whole idea a different way.

 Youíre exhausted by the weekend. You need some sleep for your physical well being. But how about your mental and emotional well being? Church can give you a great opportunity to recharge those emotional batteries in a positive, self changing way. We all need some kind of road map or instructions to make it through the good times and the bad. You can figure out whatís really important and what you can do to make those good things happen. An hour on Sunday can help you get your head screwed on straight so you can make it through the next week, and who knows, maybe even enjoy it.

 If you have children, church going provides you with a special opportunity. Just like you, the rest of the family is always doing something. How many meals do you get a chance to eat together? Whenís the last time you all did something together besides watch TV? Are the kids playing video games 24/7?Getting the family up at the same time, eating together and out the door together once a week contributes to a sense of family. Listening to morally sound, positive, uplifting messages once a week is beneficial to you and your family. These days, where else are your children going to find a group of people talking about how to lead a better life? I donít think they are allowed to teach that in school these days. How to choose whatís good behavior and whatís bad. How to forgive and be forgiven. Why itís important to respect Mom and Dad.

 In this technological age the internet has brought us together but separated us in many ways. People need to interact with real people, not a screen name on Facebook. When youíre isolated, youíre worse off in a lot of ways. Problems seem bigger because you donít have other people to put them in perspective. Church gives you the chance to meet people and develop friendships that are warm and long lasting. Going to church gives you an outlet to help other people. Do you want a feeling of genuine satisfaction in life? A feeling more rewarding than money? Then help someone. And if you want to feel real good, keep your good deed a secret to that person.

 Another benefit? Youíll live longer. A 1999 study by the Association for the Advancement of Education found that those who attend church regularly had "lower blood pressure, fewer cardio-vascular deaths, less depression and a decrease in earlier death from all causes." Forget about going to the gym, an hour a week in a pew helps just about as much!

 Be honest, youíve already blown all those New Yearís resolutions by now. Hereís a chance to make a change that will make a difference. Itís not really a sacrifice ,itís a chance to take part in something good, something peaceful and to fill yourself up with a positive feeling like nothing else can. When you do it, you do it for God, but you do it for yourself and those that mean something to you as well.












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